Media & Advocacy

Raising the voice of the silenced

To raise the voices of the silenced,

to raise awareness, and

to encourage action to help the musicians of Mali …and the refugees and internally displaced persons affected by the crisis…

We reached as far and wide as we could — in as many languages, lands and media landscapes as we could. Advocating as we went along, to media, to the United Nations, NGOs, colleagues, neighbors, friends, families.

Our basic advocacy messages?

1. there’s some ugly stuff going down in northern Mali,

2. it needs media coverage and humanitarian attention, and

3. supporting select musicians to fulfill their traditional and modern roles of peacemakers, human rights activists and merrymakers is a great way to re-establish peace, reconciliation and joy.

As one very wise, well-seasoned foreign transplant (musician, music teacher, music producer and hobby music ethnologist) in Mali once said, “in Mali, you can’t kill one another when you are too busy dancing.”


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Invited Speaker

OCHA NYHQ invited founder Kathryn M. Werntz to be a guest speaker on the role of musicians in Mali and West Africa in peacebuilding.

Film Screenings

Please visit our “Get Involved” page for more information.


Sahel Calling the film is our biggest advocacy product to date. You can make it yours, too!

Help raise the voices of Malian musicians and other people continuing to be affected by the crisis.

Watch, share and screen the Sahel Calling film! Write us if you would like an electronic file, or screen here online.